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July 24, 2010

So Laura took Ellie and me Strawberry picking this summer. We went a little late, but got some good berries and made some great freezer jam. (think fast if you want some). Anyway, as we were checking out with the strawberries I noticed that you could order tart cherries and so I did. I ordered the smallest amount I could, 10 pounds. They came pitted and in their own juice. First thing I made was a cherry crisp to share with some friends we had over to discuss their upcoming move. It came out very well. Laura asked for extra “crisp” and I made a lot. The crisp was good for a few days after as well. Then I made my first pie. I got the recipe from It is very good and easy as well. I got turned on to epicurious by Eric over at GardenFork. His podcast on epicurious’s slow cooker caramelized onions convinced me to check them out again and I found they do have a lot of good recipes. (the onion recipe works well too, but is not exactly caramelized. It makes a great soup started.) By the way, check out GardenFork if you get a chance. They have a lot of good stuff and it is enjoyable to watch and listen to their podcasts. Below are some cherry pictures.

From Cherries 2010
From Cherries 2010