Another Ted Talk

October 30, 2008

Check out this cool Ted talk about how Grass took over the world, sort of. Neat stuff, new perspective and some great farming/earth healing insights.


Akron Marathon 2008!

September 27, 2008

Well we did it! Laura and I ran as part of a relay team in the Akron Marathon. Laura ran the first leg, a 10K (6 miles) and did really well. I ran the last leg, a 12.2K (7.6 miles) and made my goal of running under an average of 9 minute miles. I ran a 8 minute 25 second pace and felt good. The rest of our team did great as well. They were Matt, Erica and Jeff. Lindsey ran the half and also did great. Here is a picture form the finish.


Less meat, more food, real food

September 23, 2008

Just watched a great talk on TED by one of my favorite podcasters, Mark Bittman.

Check it out by clicking here or here or anywhere.


My office, The Office?

August 14, 2008

Ok, I would normally severely disciple students for destroying property, but they replaced it and made sure nothing else was damaged.  Check out these photos.


Update & Check it out, Help it out

August 5, 2008

Hey all it has been a long time. My masters has kept me busy, and Marching Band has started up. Last week we went to camp. Fun, educational, but I am still catching up. Laura went with my mom to visit Jen for the week. I might have some pictures soon. We also were in a wedding this past weekend. Great wedding, great couple. Congrats guys.

So CHECK IT OUT. on August 17th the illuminate bands are hosting a Night of Worship. It will be at the normal service time, 6:40, but go for an hour and 45 minutes to two hours. This night will have more music, some tech and video stuff and readings and a short sermon. Please plan on coming and tell your friends. Also, please help if you are willing. We still need some tech/video help, and of course prayer. There is always a link to the illuminate blog in my blog roll, but you can click on any blue words in this article to link there as well. (thought you would like this Josh, or it would drive you crazy)


Masters Update 1

July 3, 2008

Well I finished my first course last week.  It went fine, but very fast and it was a lot of work.  I think I will be able to keep up over most of the year, but those busy parts of band season will be hard.  My first class focused on learning theories.  The two main were Multiple Intelligences and Brain Based Learning.  Both great theories that have given me a lot of ideas for my classroom.  I am still waiting on a few assignments to be graded, but I am hopeful to get an A.  It will be a wild ride the next 11 months.  I have this week off, but no more breaks till Christmas.


Masters Time

April 25, 2008

No I am not behind on my golf Jeff.

I am going to start my masters this year. A school I have been looking at for a while just made it affordable for me to attend. Well to log on. It will be a completely online masters. The school is Full Sail University. It is based in Florida. It is a one year program, so I will be very busy this year. I will start in late May or early June. By the way, I get a loaded MacBook Pro with this degree!!!