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July 24, 2010

So Laura took Ellie and me Strawberry picking this summer. We went a little late, but got some good berries and made some great freezer jam. (think fast if you want some). Anyway, as we were checking out with the strawberries I noticed that you could order tart cherries and so I did. I ordered the smallest amount I could, 10 pounds. They came pitted and in their own juice. First thing I made was a cherry crisp to share with some friends we had over to discuss their upcoming move. It came out very well. Laura asked for extra “crisp” and I made a lot. The crisp was good for a few days after as well. Then I made my first pie. I got the recipe from It is very good and easy as well. I got turned on to epicurious by Eric over at GardenFork. His podcast on epicurious’s slow cooker caramelized onions convinced me to check them out again and I found they do have a lot of good recipes. (the onion recipe works well too, but is not exactly caramelized. It makes a great soup started.) By the way, check out GardenFork if you get a chance. They have a lot of good stuff and it is enjoyable to watch and listen to their podcasts. Below are some cherry pictures.

From Cherries 2010
From Cherries 2010

Spring Break Dinner 2009

April 10, 2009


Ok this is late, but a few weeks ago I had spring break and thus had the time to make a big dinner. This picture shows some of what we had. These were the salads and appetizers I made. The top is prosciutto rolled up asparagus and arugula. The bottom left is a fennel and celery salad. The bottom left is a citrus and olive puree salad. The background is the purple potatoes we had with glassed carrots and braised short ribs. I braised the short ribs in a port and dried cherry base.


Great Day, Great Food

March 25, 2009

Laura and I went up to the West Side Market today to get some food for a dinner we are hosting Friday. (it will be really good, braised short ribs, prosciutto roll appetizers, a fennel and celery salad or citrus and olive puree salad and more…)

We met and talked to a few vendors. They were all very nice, especially one from a cheese stand. She is a chef and when she heard I was using fennel she was happy. She said it is under used along with tarragon. Then she gave us a few samples of some fabulous cheese, very good. I liked being there on a week day as it wasn’t crowed and we had time to talk to people.

Then we went to lunch. WOW! We went to Lola witch is one of Michael Symon’s two restaurants in Cleveland. It was great. I have to say it is my favorite restaurant downtown and I like it as much as Grovewood Tavern. The food, atmosphere and service were outstanding. We split a Beef Cheek Pierogie to start. Wonderful with a mushroom based sauce and horseradish. Laura got the Chickpea Salad. This was great as well. It was so simple and clean. It came with a grilled hanger steak on the side (marinated and cooked wonderfully) and with a very light salsa verde mixed through the mostly dandelion greens and chickpeas. Accompanied by her  lemonade, squeezed at the bar, it was perfect for a special lunch. I had Scallops. Ummm, I am going to my happy place just thinking about them. It was four large scallops seared to perfection on top of a canellini bean, lamb sausage, braised endive and mint. Yes, you can drool. I had to accompany mine with a 20 year old Taylor Tawny Port. We rounded everything off with a equally wonderful desert. We had a great time. I highly recommend checking out Lola, and if you are going and want company let us know. 

Oh yea, and Iron Chef Michael Symon was in the house.