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July 9, 2009

Thanks to Dad for helping me turn that old, ugly green dresser into this one for the babies room.


Great Day, Great Food

March 25, 2009

Laura and I went up to the West Side Market today to get some food for a dinner we are hosting Friday. (it will be really good, braised short ribs, prosciutto roll appetizers, a fennel and celery salad or citrus and olive puree salad and more…)

We met and talked to a few vendors. They were all very nice, especially one from a cheese stand. She is a chef and when she heard I was using fennel she was happy. She said it is under used along with tarragon. Then she gave us a few samples of some fabulous cheese, very good. I liked being there on a week day as it wasn’t crowed and we had time to talk to people.

Then we went to lunch. WOW! We went to Lola witch is one of Michael Symon’s two restaurants in Cleveland. It was great. I have to say it is my favorite restaurant downtown and I like it as much as Grovewood Tavern. The food, atmosphere and service were outstanding. We split a Beef Cheek Pierogie to start. Wonderful with a mushroom based sauce and horseradish. Laura got the Chickpea Salad. This was great as well. It was so simple and clean. It came with a grilled hanger steak on the side (marinated and cooked wonderfully) and with a very light salsa verde mixed through the mostly dandelion greens and chickpeas. Accompanied by her  lemonade, squeezed at the bar, it was perfect for a special lunch. I had Scallops. Ummm, I am going to my happy place just thinking about them. It was four large scallops seared to perfection on top of a canellini bean, lamb sausage, braised endive and mint. Yes, you can drool. I had to accompany mine with a 20 year old Taylor Tawny Port. We rounded everything off with a equally wonderful desert. We had a great time. I highly recommend checking out Lola, and if you are going and want company let us know. 

Oh yea, and Iron Chef Michael Symon was in the house.


If you haven’t heard…

March 25, 2009


There's my girl

There's my girl

Sorry I haven’t been updating much. I do post to Twitter a lot though. 
Anyway we expecting little Baby K this July.  This was one of the 3D ultra sound pictures we got.

It was really cool to see her moving around and all of her details.
Check back for more to come, or check Laura’s FaceBook.


Christmas Card

December 13, 2007

Merry Christmas!
Hope everyone has a great Christmas season.
We will be in Costa Rica for Christmas to celabrate Dads 60th!

Photos from that soon.


Love and family. Are we naive chumps or rude jerks????

April 8, 2007

This week at Church BK talked about the parable of the man and his vineyard. The story basically is: This guy buys some land, turns it into a vineyard and then must move away. He then finds a few tenants to tend to the land. Later he sends a servant back to get what he is owed. The tenants beat him up and send him home empty handed. This happens two more times. Then the man sends his son. He says “surely they will respect my son.” Nope! Then the man goes back and kills all the tenants and finds new tenants. Read the rest of this entry ?



March 29, 2007

We are going to have a vegetable garden this year. I got the grass out and turned over the soil once. I hope to get it framed in and add some soil helpers later this week. We hope to grow tomatoes, green beans, herbs and cucumbers. Any suggestions on other things to grow?????