Room 2

December 25, 2007

Here is a quick look at our main room in Jaco Costa Rica. We got in this afternoon. It took a long drive through the mountains. Lots of steep ups and downs as you curve all over the mountain. We were given this huge van. Actually it is more like a bus. I will try to put a picture of it up. Dad drove and I sat up front. Jen was in row two, Laura row three, Mom in row four and no one in row FIVE. Dad did a great job driving. I controlled the AC and tried to keep everyone happy. Dad and I were frozen, Jen was fine, Laura was hot and mom was on fire. Turns out, (we found out just before we finished driving) that there is a control in the back that Jen had on for HEAT. Once we turned that off all was well. We got settled and then walked to the Mega Super. There we bought $53,000 of groceries. (exchange rate is about 490 to $1 US) Then we went home and made guac and salsa. We bought an avocado that was the size of a soccer ball. It was ripe and great. Well so far this is amazing. We have wireless in the rooms so I will try to update a lot. Hope everyone is having a great Christmas.


One comment

  1. Wow! Sounds great. Great to get pix so quick…almost feels like we’re there…except we’re cold! Love you guys! Mom & Dad

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